Christ In The Canyons

Christ in the Canyons Fellowship (CITCF) is a non-denominational family church. The reason we exist - both as individuals and a local body - is the Love of God, made real and personal to us in the Person of Jesus. We are committed to be apprentices/disciples of Jesus, whom we believe to be God’s appointed Messiah, sent into the world at the perfect time in human history to save mankind from evil and death. We not only believe Jesus suffered and died for the sins of the world, but he also rose victoriously from the dead on the third day. After showing himself alive and transformed to his disciples for a period of forty days, he then returned back to His Father from whence he came and will return - as he promised - at God’s appointed time in history to consummate what he began.

We believe in the Good News that God’s Kingdom - His loving reign - will come on earth as it is in heaven, and that all of creation is waiting for that Day when God will put everything to rights. We expectantly look for that Day.

We place a very high value on the Bible, using it as our primary text in our teaching and preaching and for study and daily living. We rely on God’s real Presence in our lives through the gift of His Holy Spirit, whom Jesus sent in his stead. We believe God’s Spirit indwells every person who has surrendered themselves - their sin, guilt, shame, and broken humanity - to Jesus as Lord.

We are convinced that God is at work in the present battered world, and that he gathers his Lovers/disciples into local bodies - large and small churches - to live as ‘salt’ and ‘light’ in the present decay and darkness of Satan’s reign. CITCF has happily related through the decades to many other churches in the region and beyond, in cooperation, service and worship.